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Know Sures

Sures is a Venezuelan civil association, dedicated to the study, promotion, education and defense of human rights, from critical, emancipatory and alternative visions. It is a non-profit, independent, non-partisan, non-denominational and non-governmental organization.
Sures' mandate extends to all the environmental, civil, cultural, economic, social and political human rights recognized in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and in the international treaties ratified by our country. It prioritizes its action to those groups and groups of people in situations of greater exclusion, poverty and discrimination.


Our organization is made up of activists, academics, and human rights defenders, who have more than 20 years of experience in the field, providing services to the social, private and public sectors. Together they form an interdisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to the struggle for the dignity of individuals and peoples.

Rights approach

Sures claims the potential of human rights as a tool of struggle in social processes for the liberation and emancipation of peoples and individuals against any kind of power that illegitimately imposes relations of domination, exploitation, subordination or exclusion. As a result, Sures' actions are directed at the State as the main responsible in respect, guarantee and protect human rights, as well as non-state actors that exercise factual power that affect the enjoyment and exercise thereof, including national private companies and transnational corporations. Sures aims to address human rights in Venezuela from a balanced perspective in the context of a high-intensity democracy and a society with extreme political polarization. Therefore, it avoids and objects the instrumentalisation and the political and biased use of human rights for the benefit of subaltern interests.

Sures actions:

Sures civil association develops the necessary actions to achieve its objective, among them: 1. Produces social, economic, cultural and legal research and studies in the field of human rights. 2. Carry out processes of education and training on human rights. 3. Develops communication and diffusion processes. 4. Generates, edits and distributes publications in physical and digital format. 5. Exercises the integral defense of human rights, including intervention and assistance in administrative and judicial proceedings. 6. Promotes and accompanies processes of social organization for the defense of human rights. 7. Participates in the promotion and defense of human rights before international bodies.

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